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THE COMMON in Phoenix is a community of boutique apartment homes with sophisticated gathering spaces and sun-washed views of the Camelback Mountains as its backdrop in the Biltmore/Arcadia Lite neighborhood.
Modern office lobby with exposed brick walls, a blue sofa, two orange leather chairs, a white coffee table, and industrial-style ceiling.
Modern office reception area featuring a white desk with two blue chairs, exposed brick walls, and industrial-style ceiling.

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The Common


The Common was named as a nod to historic community gathering spots held in cities such as Paris and London, because the finest gift in life is time to create connection and heartwarming experiences. Envision being part of a community where everyone knows you and your dog’s name. Surrounded by nationally renowned restaurants, bars, and shopping, The Common defines thoughtful living for an engaging life.

Thoughtful living means a genuine thoughtfulness that brings attention to detail and to a new standard of living for both your personal and professional life. With this in mind, the common areas were intentionally designed to encourage coming together. Because it is the little details that matter in life, our attention to detail attracts all the senses with intentional care.

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